Our Aim for Digital Posters


Our goal with Digital Posters is to disseminate information, to be fun and interactive and to create discourse between the author and their audience, both at the conference and offsite post conference. Having 24/7 access to hundreds of Digital Posters online, that would normally only be seen to a limited few for a limited time in a traditional poster, is an amazing resource and should be utilized for absolute effectiveness.

For the Presenter

Traditionally scientific posters are large pieces of paper pinned to a board in a room of more and more boards and more and more posters, limited people will see the posters and it will only be available for a limited time. The Digital Posters website is available for 6 months after the conference ends, there is the ability to contact the author and to send a link to the Digital Poster to colleagues and friends.

Poster sessions are paramount for Digital Posters success. We want to create a friendly, supportive environment for the poster presenters, we want to make Digital Posters a staple of every scientific conference and not as a fall back given to those that didn’t meet requirements for an oral presentation or those that didn’t get their abstracts off in time, but a presentation by it’s own merits that allows close interaction with their audience, the ability to distribute their research and work to a larger audience and a fun environment to do it in.

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