Paperless Events have had a pretty busy year this year !


We have created an Online Help chat on all our event websites – we are now able to help the delegates in real time !


17 – 22nd August

IHC 2014 was a huge success! Over a full week of dedicated poster sessions, we oversaw the upload and display of over 1000 Digital Posters. We installed 8  x 46” Touchscreens for the Digital Poster Sessions and even acted as Chairperson and timekeeper.

Digital Posters Sessions were so popular with the delegates – it gave the presenters the ability to interact with their audience in a close setting. Each screen had their own chairperson who promoted discussions and ran the sessions to comply with the programme
We created an online interactive portal for delegates to create their own personal schedule for all Digital Poster sessions called Eventranet IHC EVENTRANET
IHC 2014 also included a customised Bamboo USB stick – which we loaded with our software to allow download of all Abstracts from the Digital Posters.


The 2014 National Medicines Symposium (NMS) was held on 21–23 May 2014 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. We created a Digital Posters system that is still available online. It has handy for delegates from these conferences to have access offsite – to give them time to really be able to absorb all the information from the digital posters. Even offsite, they are able to ask the author questions via the system – which promotes discussion after close of event.



acpdm_bannerMarch this year saw the 7th Biennial Conference for AusACPDM – held at the lovely Hunter Valley. We created a Digital Posters system and installed our 46” touchscreens onsite.


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