The 4 w’s

Lucien Mark is an event technology company.
Lucien Mark was started by Andrew Ritchie and supported by a dynamic team who specialise in their fields.
Lucien Mark is changing the future of conferencing.

Our business modeling and technology is built on a sophisticated foundation but presented through simple delivery.

Our products allow committees and associations to see possibility not previously obtained. The ideas and outcomes changes the framework of a conference to open up new parameters for delegate acquisition, sponsorship procurement, program construction and the huge advantage of going paperless. Whilst the idea of heading in a very technically driven environment can often scare those use to the face to face framework, it is indeed clear that through digital and technical networks comes the creation of exciting event and conference networks and ecologies.

Lucien Mark is everywhere, thanks to the wonder of the internet. With offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide the fluidity of our position and products ensures we can go anywhere and everywhere.

Because we care about the future of our industry and the strength and reengagement that can be brought about by clever thinking.

Sustainability, environmental awareness and responsibility drive what we do but, if we deliver a service to our clients, this green thinking is only part and parcel of the process. Our clients, be they PCO’s, associations, venues, committees or destinations create meetings of minds. Bringing together leaders of industries, the facilitation of any discussion and program engagement is pivotal between speaker and delegate and in working with Lucien Mark this becomes paramount.